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iFashion: Fashion design in your pocket

Fashion design takes skill and practice: the process is rife with opportunities for mistakes. How does one design a pattern? What type of stitch should I use? What’s an inseam? How do buttons work? Ev...

Bucket (2.0)

Bucket is an anti-social media social media platform. The app allows users to deepen connections with the people that matter most through the exchange and co-creation of aspirations. Users create pers...


HowTo is a mobile reference application, designed to be an educational resource for older users struggling with technology. This is a gamified learning tool with meticulous design choices intended to ...


We live in a world plagued by misinformation. From information about the novel coronavirus fraught with fallacy to fake news, consumers often have a difficult time sifting through bias and noise. Howe...

OPTIMIZE PRIME: Reimagining the Workspace

For this Human-Centered Design challenge, we delved into the question of how we could reimagine a traditional workspace in order to better fit a wide variety of needs and environments. This idea came ...


Prepared by: Adam Moqrane and Nourhan Shaaban. Presentation slides here Problem:  Question: How might we get young people (18-29) to develop basic financial literacy (personal finance) to make mo...

350°: Gamified

We used Unity and Visual Studio to add a gamified questionnaire to the original version of the 350 app. During the time of COVID-19, it has become increasingly difficult to stay connected and interact...


Overview Retail investors struggle to apply what they know when making investment decisions. For this challenge, our goal was to help investors make smarter investment decisions by aligning their valu...

TP Battleground

Now, novel coronavirus panic buyers are snatching up … toilet paper? Toilet papers have been flying off the shelves as the public’s anxiety about the outbreak continues to drive so-called “panic...


Our team’s central mission was to design an app that helps people recovering from eating disorders through food logging. Although there are apps that allow for food logging, users have described them ...

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April 20, 2020
Best Idea
This is my favorite idea from the challenge. Not only do I think this is high need for students, but... View
Happy Cafe
April 20, 2020
need it
I would love to see this come true. While I agree Harvard did solid job with the student spaces, I t... View
Skyview Commons
April 20, 2020
Good combination
Big fan of the app, and I especially like how it is essentially an upgrade to the various things peo... View
Wanderbus: Adventure, sustainably
April 20, 2020
super cool
I love this idea a lot. There is so much potential for more avant-garde uses of the Smith campus cen... View
Skyview Commons