Design for Desirability

The Nike Stadium on the Bowery in New York City is a small storefront and art gallery designed to enhance Nike’s image via means far less obvious than billboards and advertisements. The small space in one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods bears a brightly colored exterior that discretely says ‘Bowery Stadium.’ If a curious passerby were to enter, he or she would be presented with a colorfully curated interior created by artists and designers, and enhanced by skateboarding ramps. Indeed, the shop even provides a meeting place for various running and sports clubs in New York City! But few sales are made here – by providing an artistic and welcoming space for sneaker aficionados (rather than shoving a space full of stock and pleas to purchase), Nike endears itself to the youthful customer base it is dependent on in terms of brand loyalty.

Zipcar was designed with customer in mind: a youthful branding concept presents the opportunity to rent cars for the hourly rate of $8. Prior to Zipcar’s inception, the rental car market was flooded with daily options, the lowest price being around $70. The rental and return of cars in the conventional system also proved over-complicated – an individual had to pick the car up at a specific franchise, and return it with a full tank of gas to avoid surcharge. Using mobile and internet technology, Zipcar is able to provide individuals with the opportunity to remotely reserve a car in a convenient neighborhood, unlock it with a pre-ordered Zipcard, and drive for the specified amount of time without even paying for fuel.


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