Pling | the old is new again

Pling is a recently released app that I’ve found myself using a lot lately (as you can tell from my screenshots). Rather than sending texts, it allows me to have a conversation through short audio clips. This is perfect for communicating on the go, as I don’t have to look down while walking around. But beyond it’s ease of use, I also find it connects people on a level far better than text. I’m not interrupting anyone by calling them on the phone or leaving long messages, but I’m able to connect through voice again. I can communicate through my pitch and tone in a way that I can’t through text (even as emoticons try to make up for this). I also get to hear the voice of the people I pling, which is a special part of connecting with them. For the past few years, I’ve had another app – HeyTell – that did this, but Pling is made much, much easier through its simple interface. It’s desirable for its simplicity and the way it enables quick communication in a more natural, more intimate way than texting.


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