WIG: Upright

Upright: This attachable device is to improve the posture for sustainable back health by helping users to have better posture habit. I had seen this advertisement for many months and ended up deciding to buy it, since I was aware that my posture is bad especially I am working with my laptop. The design of this small device is pretty nice and it was easy to figure out how to use it with an app. However, after I already paid for the device, I still needed to buy adhesives which is reusable but only for 3-10 times. Also, it is great because it is tiny and light, however since it is attached on the upper back, the posture of below part is hard to be noticed. There are some pros and cons of this device, but alerting the users to improve their posture themselves as well as to train them for better habit is the key design strategy of this device, which works great.

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