WIG: Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands like FashionNova and PrettyLittleThing are making and selling celebrity clothing items mere days after the celebrity wears them, and at extremely affordable prices. Instead of having a celebrity sell an existing product for them in a typical advertisement manner, fast fashion brands sell dupes after a celebrity has worn a similar clothing item in public and paparazzi photos have gone viral. The authority provided by the high-profile celebrity, especially on the street and seemingly unpaid, persuades the public to want to dress like them (Cialdini’s Principles) and the short turnaround time ensures that the clothing items they release are definitely in style. Paired with affordable prices, consumers can dress themselves like the hottest celebrities, in comparison to spending a fortune per outfit for top label brand names. The design of these companies allows them to quickly sell clothing that will likely go out of style soon, and keep up with the pace of changing fashion with the authority of celebrity figures.

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