WIG: North Face Backpack

I was first introduced to North Face in the 6th grade when the brand suddenly and inexplicably became a fashion statement amongst urban city youth. If you wanted to be cool, you had to have North Face apparel. Unfortunately for my parents, that meant that back to school shopping was going to be a lot more expensive for them that year. Boston gets really cold in the winter, so it’s definitely easier (although still near impossible) for 6th grade me to justify the purchase of a North Face fleece. However, I was going to school in the fall, which meant that I wouldn’t be able to show off until late into the year. Thus, I did the only rational thing a 6th grader would do and asked my parents for a backpack instead. They almost had a heart attack when I showed them the price, but they budged under the stipulation that I had to use it for the rest of my life… I agreed because obviously the backpack wasn’t going to last that long, but little did I know how insanely reliable and resilient the backpacks were. I’ll admit that I don’t use that backpack anymore, not because it started to fail, but because I started to regret the color choice I made 8 years before, so I just bought a black one. Needless to say, North Face backpacks are versatile and tough equipments to follow you through every endeavor. However, the reliability isn’t the full picture; North Face backpacks also look great. Their ability to balance a casual commuter look with an expedition look under one sleek package means only one purchase is needed to support both lifestyles.

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