WIG: Thermos Water Bottle

I have to say when I first got this thermos water bottle as a gift, I didn’t like it that much – the chubby look is just not as chic as the swell bottle that I had. However, its water drinking experience is so seamless that this becomes my favorite water bottle now. The most important point – the whole process of holding the water bottle, opening the cap, drinking the water and closing the cap can be done by using just one hand. Press that single white dot button with your thumb and the cap automatically opens. And to close it, just use your index finger to flip it back. SO EASY! Think about the traditional way – you will usually have to screw the lid open and close with both hands. Now with the Thermos bottle, I can keep typing with my right hand while sipping some water using my left hand. The lid joints are also well made and you can feel the perfect alignment and fittings with each pressing and flipping action. Although the volume of it is only half of the Swell Bottle, I drink so much more water with the Thermos bottle. Dumb as it look, the Thermos bottle gives me joy and sense of reliability.

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