WIG: Bug Net Hat

I hate mosquitos. However, for whatever reason, bug spray rarely works at keeping mosquitoes away. Even when I am considering trying bug spray anyways, it can be a hassle to remember to bring it and keep reapplying it. That’s why I decided to invest in a sunhat that discreetly houses a bug net for when mosquitoes get out of control. Even without the bug net, the hat is useful in the summer for just keeping the sun out of my eyes, but the benefit of it also serving as a bug protector when needed is extremely underrated. Having a physical net will always be more reliable than the sprays, and having it piggy back on a product I would use anyways just makes being protected that much more convenient. It’s a product that just makes sense to have in place of a yearly bug spray purchase. Unfortunately, it probably won’t ever be mainstream because of how ridiculous it looks to have a bug net around your face. Even I admit that sometimes I brave the mosquito bites rather than use my bug net because of how weird and embarrassing it would be. At least it’s still a nice hat…

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