WIG: MoveWith

Didn’t you ever wish you could take your favorite exercise instructor with you to go? MoveWith is a mobile application that allows you to access workout specialists wherever you are. This subscription app gives you a range of audio workouts from pilates to HIIT to yoga without having to drive to the physical studios. Users can search based upon workout type and difficulty level and are coached through the exercises as they would be in the live space. MoveWith is a solution not only for the consumer, those of us looking for affordable personal trainers and flexibility of workout classes, but is also a solution for the instructors themselves. This app leverages fitness instructors in given cities, giving them a central platform to advertise their practice. In this way, their influence can reach beyond the studio and motivate those who have never heard of them to attend their classes. Now you can MoveWith instructors you know wherever you want, or find new instructors to MoveWith through your phone.

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