WIG: Le Labo

Le Labo is one of niche fragrance brands. They started their business from New York City in 2006 and it became very successful. What this brand does is selling the process, not the product itself. Le labo means the lab in French, and the shop is decorates by the materials which would be used in the labs. They spend time and effort to make new scents and their perfumes are intricate and sophisticated enough. And they sell the process and experience from the customers come into the shop to walk out with the product. People enjoy the atmosphere of the store which is designed enabling them to just focus on the fragrance, and when the customer orders a perfume, they start to blend before their eyes. On the perfume, the label has their name, dates and where they bought it. I think this brand can be one of the best cases of designing customer’s experience. They said they don’t want any distraction for their fragrances, and it enabled them to have a strong identity.

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