Acai bowl

What is it?

An aesthetically pleasing acai bowl

Why is it desirable?

Eating and posting about food that is aesthetically pleasing and prepared with care might have a variety of positive effects. Internally, preparing a meal that is healthy and beautiful might make the person feel more calm and at ease. Externally, posting about an acai bowl projects an image that the person is healthy and put together, as well as well organized (they have time to be making pretty food).

How does my review compare?

The last reviewer also focused on the visual appeal of an acai bowl, but focused more on how eating aesthetic food is actually unhealthier in the long run whereas my review focused more on the emotions that are felt and the image that is portrayed when eating aesthetic food.

Previous reviewer response:

Ever since our team conducted a survey about eating habit among college students in challenge7, I have become aware of food, dining experience and how they are presented on social media. Especially nowadays on Instagram, sometimes you can’t help but just find yourself browsing all the #foodporn posts. Or whenever you go to some fancy brunch places, your camera always eats first before you do. It seems that people even care more about how pretty or fancy the food looks like, more than how tasty the food actually is.

So, how does those foodporn pictures relate with design? You may find those pictures are colorful, placed with certain assortment and makes you feel hungry even though you just scroll on social media. While after reading an article about “the science behind food porn” and it reveals foodporn promotes unhealthy food, increases hunger and the more photos you, the higher your BMI will be. Therefore, for people who want to go on a diet, try to unfollow those social media account might be a good way to start. (although for me it’s hard to do so)

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