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Amazon Kindle

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The popularity of Kindles represents the transformation from paperback books to e-books. Kindle has the advantages of all the modern mobile devices: it is small while providing a huge amount of resources. Because of Kindle’s small size, it is convenient to bring Kindle everywhere; because of Amazon’s resource of books, it is easy for the users to find the books they need. Therefore, for book lovers who are comfortable using electronic devices, Kindle is easy to like. The paperwhite version further gives the users more reasons to replace traditional paperback books as Kindle can mimic the look of the paper. To some users, Kindle might also help them to present themselves as knowledgable, or at least book-loving people.

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The previous reviewer focused on Kindle’s interface and described the comfortable experience when using it. I gave broader reasons for why Kindle might be appealing to some, acknowledging Kindle’s convenience and its additional symbolic meaning.

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I’ve always appreciated the design of the Amazon Kindle’s interface. Though it is an electronic device, Amazon designed the screen so that it looks more like a page in book than a display screen on a device. It helps alleviate some of the eye strain that comes from using devices like phones or iPads for long periods of time, allowing the user to read for hours on end. It’s not something I would’ve considered if I had designed the product, but is a well-thought-out touch.

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