In-N-Out Burger is an American regional chain of fast food restaurants with locations primarily in the Southwest and the Pacific coast. Boring for native Californians but a golden promised land for those who are in pursuit of the American Dream, not necessarily just within the country but around the globe. In-N-Out’s geographical specificity aligns itself with an all-American ideal, littered with sugary sunsets and palm tree silhouettes next to nearly every restaurant and the exclusivity of answering yes to “Have you tried IN-N-Out” typically holds true for people who have not only tried a burger, but also a psychological attachment to the golden coast.


I think In -N-Out Burger is a very interested example of something at people desire because there are many similar types of fast food chains around the country. But it is something about In-N-Out people really love. Most people says it is because their food is fresh, but I think it is because it is really simple. There is not many items to choice from and it is easy to memorize the menu. Also, people that really love In-N-Out brag that they know the secret menu, so In-N-Out gives its loyal customers a benefit for being so loyal.

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