Laptop Extension Cord

Laptop extension cords are making the best of a bad situation. They are not elegant; they fray and kink, tangle and trip. What we really need is wireless charging or batteries that last so long you rarely need to recharge them, preventing emergency charging situations, but alas, until then extensions of ugly, inefficient, tedious wires are what we have. Does the Macbook charging cable extension do it better than others? Maybe. It has a relatively thick coating that may cause it to last slightly longer than others before splitting and spilling out charged copper entrails. Overall it is fine. Just about as fine as any others. My review is much more irreverent than my predecessor’s:

Previous Review:

“In a world where outlets are still to [sic] scarce, or, at the very least, not well distributed enough, the extension cord for laptops in particular has become absolutely essential. I, personally, always have my extension cord attached to my laptop charger in order to ensure that I can charge my computer from as far a distance from the closest outlet as possible. That being said, the functionality of extension cords in by no means limited to on-the-go laptop charging. Of course these same types of cords play an instrumental role in setting up permanent technology systems in homes, whether these systems be televisions, sound systems or anything in between.”

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