Margiela Cut Out Heels

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Maison Martin Margiela Cut Out Heels

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These Margiela cut out heels are fascinating because they speak to the design ethos of Margiela as a brand; this brand is known for its avant-garde and unexpected design details that make consumers think twice about their preconceived notions of clothing, accessory, and shoe design, as well as their preconceived notions about aesthetics and beauty in general. A prime example is the Tabi Boot, THE Margiela classic shoe that resembles a horse hoof- this radical design decision elicit repulsion from some viewers, but implicitly catch your attention due to the evocative qualities of this sort of intervention. Hence this shoe works in the same way; the cut out makes you look twice and reconsider your notions of what a shoe is supposed to be, and in turn, a customer will think that the shoe almost “defying gravity” is cool and desirable. It is not any regular black heel!
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The previous reviewer touched upon brands creating iconic design features; my review touches upon this, as the previous reviewer did not acknowledge Margiela’s classic shoe design that is an icon to the brand as Louboutin’s red sole is to theirs. My review touches upon the psychological reasons as to why we may be attracted to this shoe.

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I’m interested in how simple physical characteristics become iconic with a brand, for example red bottoms on heels being immediately associated with Christian Louboutin. Maison Margiela did something really simple but cutting out the support structure of the classic high heel. I think this is playful, unique, and a nice way to riff on a very classic design.

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