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What is it?
The Smart Writing Set is writing kit that allows your handwritten notes on the paper to evolve on screen in real time.

Why do you think it’s desirable? Do your best to explain what you think works or not about it psychologically or emotionally for the user?
The brand Moleskin could easily bring the user the idea of notebook and writing. Connecting traditional handwriting with digital transcription transforms our scripts written-down to data that could be preserved digitally. Compared with products like iPads, which user could directly write on the pad, the smart writing set still keeps the original feeling of writing on the actual paper with actual pen, which is satisfying and accustomed by a lot of people. However, since it is a new product, users would still hold the opinion of whether their scripts would actually be transferred digitally, and it takes time and effort for users to write and check. Also, the problem of the quantity of paper is a big deal, for the paper should be much more expensive than the normal paper, which makes people hesitant to write non-important things and thus, limit their willingness to document.

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Previous reviewer response
Moleskin smart writing set is a new set of products released by Moleskin, which allows you to draw on the paper and what you draw can be shown on the iphone or ipad at the same time It is made up by the Moleskin pen+ and paper tablet. The Paper tablet is actually a tablet made of paper. Thus, it combines the physical pleasure of using ink and paper with the advantage of digital: sharing, editing, browsing.
The secret is the pen with infrared light cameras, which is able to capture calligraphy and send it to your devices through Bluetooth. Meanwhile, the pen is an actual pen that use ink. Also, the paper can locate your pen. It knows which page are you drawing and where is the pen on the paper.

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