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Roomba’s primary advantage is that it is an autonomous machine that vacuums the floor. In a busy world as today, having chores done while one is doing other things is very appealing. Let alone that Roomba would save one’s energy and allow the person to stay lazy. Comparing to other autonomous vacuum cleaners, Roomba does a good job of actually cleaning the floor and the carpet, even when dealing with some messy situations such as big chunks of junk, fur, and dead corners.
From another perspective, Roomba also suits modern people’s emotional needs. It can represent a pet or even a companion in many cases. If the user has young children or pets in the house, Roomba can add to the fun and create a more lively scene.

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The previous reviewer talked about Roomba in two aspects: functionality and aesthetics. I also touched on the functionality part, then I talked about Roomba’s role as a companion in people’s life.

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I’m a big fan of carpet floors and rugs. Soft, noise-cancelling, and warm (for frigid winter months), carpeting adds quite a bit to comfortability. I’m not so gung-ho about carpet maintenance. Enter the Roomba. This robot has made cleaning almost as easy as pressing a button. After charging, pressing the “Clean” button will cause the Roomba to leave its dock and clean the floors automatically. Thanks to its sensors, the Roomba automatically turns around objects, completely covers a room, and returns to its dock after use. Afterwards, the user pops open the cover and discards the debris in a removable container.
The Roomba’s design aesthetic reinforces its appeal to robotic convenience. The overall choice of a simple circle stands in stark contrast to other vacuum designs and suggests how easy it is to use despite its sophisticated technology. The circular LEDs support this theme by invoking a futuristic feel while again remaining simple and easy-to-understand. Finally, the choice to directly display the compartmentalization on the surface gives an illusion of accessibility. That is, the user can interact and take apart certain parts of the Roomba, giving him or her a sense of ownership, while in reality not touching the sensitive and sophisticated underpinnings.

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