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What is it?

Tatte Bakery

Why do you think it’s desirable? Do your best to explain what you think works or not about it psychologically or emotionally for the user?

The fundamental reason why Tatte is desirable is, of course, it satisfies the basic needs of a coffee/bakery customer. The coffee, meal, and bakery it provides are good enough that most people satisfied. However, having good food is not sufficient for Tatte to compete with other similar bakeries. The menu has different options that suit both the conservatives and people who like to try new things. The bakery itself is carefully decorated and is often described as “trendy” or “chic.” The fact that it is a Boston local founded brand gives it a more personal atmosphere compared to other chain brands like Starbucks. Overall, Tatte combines the comfortable feeling of home (its name, meaning “Grandma” in Hebrew, reveals the founder’s intention) and a modern, fashional style, so it becomes a good place to hang out for the busy people in Boston.

Mention how your review compares to the previous reviewer

The previous reviewer loved the interior design of Tatte. He/she talked about details in how Tatte displayed their things. I talk more about the positioning of the brand and its overall atmosphere.

Copy the previous reviewer response below yours

The interior design of Tatte makes the bakery both inviting and chic. Filled with natural light, it conveys a rustic feel with its reclaimed metal and wood stools. The counter displays of pastries in oversized glass jars are always artfully placed. There seems to be a lot of attention to detail given throughout the bakery, from the typography on the mugs to the industrial light fixtures. In addition to the décor, Tatte offers a wide selection of drinks, pastries, and savory dishes. It is no surprise that they have been so successful and are looking to expand to additional locations.

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