Boston T

I created a product journey for the T, using an imaginary scenario of getting from MIT to Harvard while in a time crunch. The journey involves refilling an existing Charlie Card and paying with a credit card; tourists using paper tickets would thus have a slightly different experience with the system.

At a high level, the journey can be split up into three major sections: awareness (deciding on using the T), pre-ride experience (getting to the station, checking card balance, adding to card value), and ride experience. The biggest pain points came up during the pre-ride experience: the screen that riders use to check their card balance and refill their card sometimes isn’t responsive enough to touches, and the interface for adding value to cards doesn’t give all the information that riders need in order to add an appropriate balance to their cards. Some T stations also don’t have ticket machines; riders who are in a rush to get to a destination need to be especially conscious of which station they’re using, otherwise they may end up being late if they enter a station without a machine.

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