User Journey Map: SeatGeek

Link to map:

My user journey map tracks the trajectory of purchasing tickets online through SeatGeek, a rival to StubHub and TicketMaster. In creating this map, I realized a few things: 1) given that an individual is likely willing to spend a bit more to attend a concert with friends, including images of groups at concerts/setting the default number of tickets to at least 2 are clever, subtle ways to encourage a user to spend a bit more, 2) although the quality of a mobile experience is paramount for digital platforms like SeatGeek, having to download an entirely separate application to use these platforms can create user friction (due to phone storage/more effort required), 3) products which anticipate user questions attract users very effectively (I was drawn to SeatGeek during this exercise because they were the first online ticket seller on the page to list the actual show dates), 4) few service platforms can get away with doing the bare minimum in such a customer-driven age of consumerism (customers expect to be delighted, for products to go above and beyond & they wield an immense amount of power given the popularity of and weight given to user reviews).

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