What I’ve Got: Voss Water

Voss is a high-end brand of bottled water. The brand is perhaps best known for its attractive packaging: unapologetically sexy and refined. The packaging is the brand’s key differentiator on the market. Like a supermodel, it’s long, elegant, and slender. Its minimalistic packaging is more reminiscent of Apple than Poland Spring. And even the material feels luxurious. If you’ve ever held a Voss, you know the packaging is composed of glass or a high-quality plastic that’s rather tough and durable. Voss is simply gorgeous, if admittedly wasteful and gratuitous.

Like the previous reviewer, I agree that packaging can definitely impact the image a product presents or projects to the world. At the end of the day, water is chemically just water, and branding is what differentiates something counterfeit or low-end from something luxe.

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Voss water is a high-end brand of bottled water from Norway. The bottle’s iconic glass design, a clear cylinder with a silver cap, is reminiscent of an apparatus or test tube found in research labs. Voss has a strong presence in the fine dining market across the globe. The quality of the water has previously been called into question (once being rated worse than Helsinki’s tap water) so the Voss bottle is an example of how far an appealing design can impact a product’s prominence.

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