Starbucks App Pre Ordering

Starbucks App Pre-Ordering is a mobile platform through which a Starbucks customer can order from Starbucks remotely and pick up on their own time without standing in line to order in the store. Furthermore, Starbucks App Pre-Ordering has certain gamified features such as promotions and stars accumulation for rewards. I think the primary advantages of the Starbucks App – Pre-Ordering are behavioral in nature: they make the process of ordering from Starbucks significantly more convenient, and encourage the user to return to Starbucks in the future. In particular, I think the facts that a customer can order in a way that is most convenient to their schedule, avoid lines, and enjoy a pleasant digital user experience, make the design desirable. The previous reviewer and I agree on many points, the previous reviewer goes into further detail in explaining that the pre-order function allows the user to see how many minutes before their order will be ready. Furthermore, the previous reviewer explains more thoroughly how the user pays through he app, and the convenience this function provides.

Previous reviewer’s response:
Sometimes dining hall coffee just doesn’t do it for me, even though it is extremely convenient to access and it is free. I am also in a crunch for time and thus don’t go to Starbucks to get coffee in the morning often. However, Starbucks recently updated their app and program to include pre-ordering. At first I thought “Oh dear, here is American society and its fast go-go-go pace again.” And yet, I found myself intrigued. I do want good coffee in the mornings, but don’t want to get up an extra 20 minutes earlier to wait in line for my coffee. So I tried it out. And I loved it. You just open the app and go to the “order” screen. You can order almost everything, and it tells you when it will be ready to pick up (for me it has range from 3-15 minutes depending on the time of day). You can finish getting ready in the morning and waste no time paying or waiting. You pay on the app, and all that is left is to run into Starbucks, cut the line (very satisfying), grab my chai Latte and pop on over to class. Also, you get more rewards stars and perks if you use their online ordering platform. Can’t say no to that!

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