What I’ve Got

Desirable designs you noticed.

Notes App

The Notes App is an auto-downloaded application on iPhone, iMac and iPad which functions as a digital substitute for writing down a note. This application facilitates several of the concepts discussed...


Overleaf is a web tool which allows users to code a document in LaTeX on the left side of their screen and see it compiled on the right side of their screen. This tool facilitates several of the conce...

walk through duty free @ airports

high ability (traveler’s wealthy + have time), high motivation (bored, gifts), grea trigger (having to walk through)

Tipping @coffee shops

high ability (card payment, marginal amounts), high motivation (social shame, surplus spending anyway), trigger: the way the tipping is presented.

Beer banner ads @sports events

high motivation, high ability, v visible trigger.

Sennheisser momentum

these are some high end headphones from a German brand. They give both a lot of physio pleasure when using them, but also socio pleasure because of their design and even ideo pleasure, as their retro ...


These sneakers are made of wool and incredibly comfortable. They provide physio pleasure when wearing them and, perhaps, more importantly, socio pleasure as they are meant to be fashionable. On top of...


They can be used to store several layers of desserts or snacks. They are useful, therefore providing physio pleasure and socio pleasure, as they are practical and often used in a social setting, invit...

pocket squares

Pocket squares are one of the few accessories men can wear to stand out in business. Hence, they provide socio pleasure, inviting compliments from colleagues, but also psycho and ideo pleasure, as the...