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Happy Cafe View Comment
  • @ZS2020
  • April 20, 2020

This is my favorite idea from the challenge. Not only do I think this is high need for students, but I also believe this idea could come to life with a push from the students. The kiosk in the middle of the square is almost never visited by students...

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Skyview Commons View Comment
  • @ZS2020
  • April 20, 2020

I would love to see this come true. While I agree Harvard did solid job with the student spaces, I think there is a big lack of inspiration and arts feel. These commons would provide thst for students and bring them out of the element of bland colors and...

Big fan of the app, and I especially like how it is essentially an upgrade to the various things people use now. The eco-friendly part is very inspiring because it closes the gap between using eco-damaging equipment and enjoying nature. By providing this experience as a way to enjoy...

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