Audio Freeeeeeeeeedom!!

Audio “Be Happy” is a song influenced by Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and EDM. The song capitalizes on the danceability component of the hit formula, mai...

Waay BCK

Audio Waay BCK brings nostalgia to dubstep and will make any former 90s kid feel happy. Using our directly opposing bio beats but a similar childhood background, we created a little something that ref...

Audio Out of Control is an atmospheric remix that builds upon a base beat that alludes to a beating heart and draws in the listener through the gradual layering and de-layering of melodic themes.

Audio A mind-altering groove session brought to you by J-Russ the loop masters.

Audio Free at last – samples from our biometric data remixed with Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech

Audio Smooth, groovy song to get down to. Perfect for spending an evening with that special someone. 😉 The primary riff is the O+ blood sample and there’s the no widow’s peak loop thrown i...

Audio part uno of dos

Audio We’re changing things up and making music that touches us from our blood to our hair. 

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