Link: REMIX Shared with Dropbox We were inspired by the theme of youth and wanted to create a modern variation of through this song. This remix is a sensory concoction of pulsing drum beats, melodic v...

Taking Chocolate to the Next Level

Pairing Chocolate with unconventional foods to unexpectedly delight your taste palate. 

Book of Mormon

A production on Broadway that has gotten everyone talking. 

Hyper Realistic Art

A new wave of art where the object looks real even though it is not.

A Lamp that projects a shade on the Wall

This lamp by YOY uses light to project the illusion of a lamp shade. 

KitchenFriend App

An app that makes cooking a fun, easy, and convenient process. Recipes for the week are chosen in minutes and your groceries are delivered to your door when it is convenient for you. Who knew that bei...

Sound Speakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

These objects are not only trendy but they efficiently use the shape of a horn to transmit sound beautifully. 

An Airbag Helmut for Bikes by Hovding.