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What I’ve Got: Sperry Top Siders

As the weather *finally* starts to warm up, I get most excited to bring out my multiple pairs of boat shoes.  Sperry Top Siders are the ultimate spring footwear option: they can get wet (hello ra...


Link: REMIX Shared with Dropbox We were inspired by the theme of youth and wanted to create a modern variation of through this song. This remix is a sensory concoction of pulsing drum beats, melodic v...

What I’ve Got: Nike Fuel Band

Nike just announced that they will be cutting the Nike Fuel Band product and they laid off the 1000 person hard ware division behind the product.  Apparently the Fuel Band was not desirable enoug...

What I’ve Got: Cadbury Eggs

  What’s more desirable than a Cadbury Creme Egg on Easter?

What I’ve Got: Dim Sum

I always have a hard time choosing an item while at a restaurant.  Dim sum is awesome because you can grab what looks good and eat it right then and there!

What I’ve Got: Department Stores

Recently, I need to purchase a formal dress, heels to match, and pantyhose.  I went to a department store despite it not being my favorite due to the added convenience of having everything in one...

Introducing Parking Angel!

Parking is an iterative and creative process!  Introducing the Parking Angel: the one stop app that finds the spot that is best for you.   Featuring a one time set up process: And a seamless...

What I’ve Got: Nike Running App

Not only does the app alert me each time I have completed a quarter mile, it tells me my average speed and current time, which is perfect for improving my running performance.  Additionally, the ...

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