What I’ve got: 3D printed cast It uses an ultrasonic pulse generator to speed up healing. Still in the prototype phase but it represents the future in medicine. 

What I’ve Got: lightsaber umbrella Not only is it cool but you also will have light when you are walking in the rain at night. Add a little fun to a midnight stroll in the rain.

What I’ve got: 1 tb of memory This shiny sphere is an external hard drive that can hold around 2 million photos. Stylish and practical, I would like to have one of these on my desk.

Monster GO-DJ Demo 1

Link: Monster GO-DJ Demo 1 Check out the latest game changer. Monster GO-DJ : your standalone, portable DJ rig. For more info, go to #MonsterGODJ Check out D… What I&#...

What I’ve Got: HABU App It created a mood based playlist from your music. Select empowered, calm or excited and the app chooses the music that is appropriate for what you are feeling.

C is for Cookie

Link: C is for Cookie C for cookie is a straight forward cookie buying app for Harvard’s Houses. You only have to register your information once and then off you are to get your cookie delivery.

What I’ve Got: A bed for the office This inflatable cubicle is ideal for an office nap. Very desirable for all those long work days.

What I’ve Got: Head massager  It’s a head massager that plays music. I can’t imagine this being any good. At the very least it looks like you have a brace on your head. Desirabl...

What I’ve got: a kick ass lounge area. This is unique and desirable. Lounging on the couch sideways not being able to watch your tv is no longer an issue. For all those movie lovers out there: t...