Comfortable chairs at Gutman Library…especially needed during exam times 😉

A simple and elegant party game that redefines a party experience.


What I’ve Got: Platinum bands

Platinum bands have redefined desirability for people in love. Their elegance is in being simple.

What I’ve Got: Ice Cream

It is interesting to see that ice creams with same flavor when presented differently can have such a huge impact on desirability that people are willing to pay high prices.

Event+ : Capture experience forever!

Have you ever felt that you want more from every social gathering in your life? be it a conference, party or a group travel, sharing experience and making close friends was never this easy! Use Event+...

What I’ve Got

TOMS Shoes are simple and elegant but one thing that makes it more desirable is that feeling of doing something good. Every time you wear them you feel like you have helped someone.

Events experience app

Basic overview: The events / conferences at Harvard leave both the organizers and attendees longing for more. The attendees often suffer from lack of needed information and are usually given load...

Bikes is another area where “less is more”…in a sense it conveys more elegance if it has minimalist structure and also has environment friendly appeal to it.